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Tats 竜巻 (Also known as Tatsumaki) is the leader, and founder of TatsTopVideos. Tats currently resides in the United Kingdom and is heavily into the fashion Cybergoth / Visual Kei ヴィジュアル系, JRock 日本のロック Rokku Gyaru and CyberGoth.

Tats is half asian and half english, and was born intersex giving a feminine appearance (although she is bisexual) but born with deformed female/male hormones and gentalia. Tats ultimate goal is to become one of the most memorable producers of Top Videos in the world.

There has been subject to confusion over Tats' gender because while she looks feminine her voice sounds male. Tats has stated many times on her videos and through Discord, that it's a birth deformity, and she wishes at one point to just transition just to female to end the issue.

Tats also has two biological sisters (Yoshiko and Cantabile) and an adopted sister Fumiko.

Founding TatsTopVideos

Tats started making videos in 2008, game reviews, ultimate videos, top 10s, and a skit called Roboquad Plays, on her old channel Goth Tatsumaki. Tats had a vote on what people enjoyed most, and people voted for Top Videos. In the process, she met people that became part of the crew so that she could get help with the videos, and in return help them be successful.

Tats has treated all her members, more like a family rather than a boss

Style Of Work

Tats videos comprise of mostly Top Related videos ranging from Games, Myths, Comedic, Mysteries, Informative, Creepypastas and SCPS. Many of the topics are completly unique and are not heard of before. Some of the videos have been remastered from their old counterparts and have been extended to include said content.

Tats has stated the reason the lists are so long, is to please audience members with their choices and to make the videos feel as if you are really getting your time and effort to watch them.

As of August 2017, the team decided a new set of series titled SCP Seditions, where the audience gets to ask specific SCPs a question. The videos are carried out through an investigation through two non canon personnel, named Watch and O-5 Council Jacobs.

Recordings & Footage

Tats originally used content and footage from several Youtubers, who she plugged in the credits and description, thus making the owners successful.

As of 2013 to present, Tats now records all content herself with the help of her team. The reasons was as follows "The content we now create ourselves, this is to avoid any issues regarding other peoples content. Its also so we can record in much higher quality and remove the music and voices, as it will clash with our narration and our own added music =3 "

Tats has recorded many live footage as seen in the Top 25 Extraordinary Human Powers & Abilities, Top 20 Gaming Creepypastas, Top Amazing Weather Phenomenon, Top 25 Lost Episode Creepypastas, Top 60 Photorealistic Graphics, Top 60 Non Gaming Creepypastas and Top 15 Ritual Creepypastas.

Tats is also experienced in 3d animation and design. Tats created the Top 3 Tats 3D Cities by herself using the program autodesk 3ds max. Several videos have Source Filmmaker animations which Tats uses to great effect. These include the Top 30 Annoying Customers In Retail, Top 45 Signs Which Could Prove Your House Is Spooky, Top 60 Non Gaming Creepypastas, Top 22 Scariest SCPS, Top 25 Building SCPS, Top 30 Food & Beverage SCPS, SCP Sedition 682, SCP Sedition 079, SCP Sedition 035, Top 24 Scariest SCPS II, Ask SCP-049 A Question and Ask SCP-343 A Question. Tats also creates the animation at the start of her videos, detailing the warnings listed before each video starts, animating the mascot XJ.

Tats has a skilled artist both designing anime characters, storyboarding and graphic art. All Thumbnail Artwork for the channel are created by her.

Tats also left university with a BA Hons Degree in Computer and Video Game Animation. She achieved Grade 6 In Clarinet and sucessfully created many songs for a game idea called Mini Motors and is heavily inspired by music in video games such as Banjo Tooie, Mirrors Edge and Yume Nikki.

Relationship with the Team and Fans

Tats is shown to get on well with the team and her fans. Its shown she puts the team and fans first, above everything else. She also wonders why celebrity Youtubers never seem to comment on their fans, when they ask them questions. Tats has stated that every question, should be answered appropriately in a modest way, so that others can see and reflect in very much a positive attitude to others.

Personal Likes

Tats has been shown to admire big cyberpunk / visual kei boots, because she states the fashion is "awesome and badass, since they make you taller, they make you look cooler and you can kick people who annoy you =3" Tats stated her owned seven pairs, and that number may be increasing. The boot styles are from many different brand names such as New Rock, Question Mark, Harley Davidson, Kiss, Demonia and An*Tai*Na.

Tats also finds Glitches in Games to be hilarious, music skipping in Cds to be funny, and really bad CGI Cutscenes to be laugh out loud funny.

Criticism and Hate

The first release of the Top 70 Disappointing Games brought many fans unsubscribing and sending personal hate messages Throughout the course of early 2014, Tats has had several personal attacks and stolen identity. An internet troll debuted in April 2014 and created multiple fake accounts to undermine Tats, some of them using Tats image and likeness. The troll then proceeded to make videos attacking her, Tats sisters Fumiko, Cantabile and the team. Even under stolen identity began sending messages to certain members and fans quoting sexual and abusive messages.

A common complaint with the channel, is its seemingly long wait for uploaded videos. Tats has explained in the past that the videos take time to produce, seeing as most of the content is recorded by the team. Tats then states that special effects and the script writing and waiting for narration slots, is one of the things that take time. Also mentions that most top countdown artists, will use pictures when they are talking about related topics, Tats says that video footage of the subject is much better and more entertaining.

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