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ThatCreepyReading (or Tinker) is a Youtuber who specialises in Creepypasta readings for Youtube. He was first hired back in 2013, and has achieved great success. His old account (ThatBronyShow) used to specialise in Rants regarding topics to do with the TV Show MyLittlePony Friendship is Magic, this was also the account that reuploaded the video Top 70 Disappointing Games.

ThatCreepyReading has read a multitude of different stories ranging from 1999, Ronald McDonald House, Devils Game and Robert The Doll.

ThatCreepyReading is shown to narrate several Tatstopvideos, includingTop 22 Non Gaming Creepypastas NEW 2014, Top 15 Ritual Creepypastas, Top Game Breaking Glitches, Top 25 Terrifying Game Rooms, as well as Podcasts.

ThatCreepyReading's 3d character shown in the Top 12 Rules To Tatstopvideos and Podcasts, is a knight from Dark Souls 2.

From 2015, ThatCreepyReading has made videos not on topic with Creepypastas, these include Bullying, TatsTopVideos and even updates.

Relationship with Tats and the Team

ThatCreepyReading is shown to get along well with Tats and the Team, but there have been several complaints which have subsided. In regards to the fans, ThatCreepyReading is known for his unique laugh trait, which is triggered once the word "apples" or "apple well" is voiced by Ethan Thomas, from the video game Condemned Criminal Origins.

Personal Likes

ThatCreepyReading is shown to admire 'boxes'. To him, this is shown as memories of when he first obtained and opened his gifts at different dates at different ages.


- Its noted ThatCreepyReading suffers from Dsylexia

- ThatCreepyReading was bullied at school in Detroit

- ThatCreepyReading is apparently a brony with his favourite character being Pinkiepie

- ThatCreepyReading favourite food is McDonalds Chicken McNuggets and his favourite drink is Soda.

- ThatCreepyReading has shown to admire Steam Punk clothes, but it is not noted if he would actually wear them.