Top 22 Non-Gaming Creepypastas
Top 22 Non-Gaming Creepypastas
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"Top 22 Non-Gaming Creepypastas" is a video made by the YouTube Channel "Tats TopVideos" in which various narrators describe short versions of the most well known horror story's of the internet such as "Smile Dog.jpg, The Rake and Squidward's Suicide ", the video has gained popularity since 2011 but has been reuploaded three times because of controversy surrounding Disney's attempt to sue anyone who uses Mickey Mouse for commerical use. This was likely due to the footage shown of Suicidemouse.avi and Abandoned By Disney. There was also an issue regarding the likeness of a real life name and location of an individual who was the main premise behind the story Mereana Mordegard Glesgorv.

There have been two different versions of this video, a Classic version and a 2014 version. The classic version recounted all the same ones that was present in 2011 version, except that the cartoons and the mickey mouse segments were heavily blurred and distorted, to avoid problems. The 2014 version removed a few Pastas, and replaced them with new ones like Mr Wide-mouth, 1999, and The Ronald McDonald house. Tats said that if the video recieves another warning regarding issues that the video would be taken down for good.