Top 25 Lost Episode Creepypastas
Top 25 Lost Episode Creepypastas
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The Top 25 Lost Episode Creepypastas, was released on October 30th 2014 and features a list of creepypastas related to supposedly unreleased (or released but was taken down) disturbing episodes of a TV series and sometimes are in abandoned VHS tapes.

List of the Lost Episode Creepypastas

25. Doug's Real Life

24. Hetali: Episode 23.5

23. Tom and Jerry Lost Cartoon

22. Max and Ruby: 0004

21. Happy Appy

20. Angry Sylvester

19. Three Stooge: Dead Dunderheads

18. Teletubbies SeeSaw

17. Arthur: Death of Grandma

16. The Simpsons: Dead Bart

15. Regular Show: I Can Fix This

14. Ahh! Real Monsters: Final Scare

13. Suicidemouse.avi

12. StickStickly

11. Rugrats: Chuckie's Mom

10. 1999

9. Goosebump: Lost Episode

8. The Amazing World of Gumbal: The Grieving

7. Little Bear and The Big Red Book

6. Cry Baby Lane

5. RapRat

4. Ed, Edd, n Eddy: Lost Epsiode

3. Squidward's Suicide

2. Candle Cove

1. Lost Episodes


  • Some stories from the Top 25 Lost Episode Creepypastas were deleted from the Creepypasta Wiki because the Creepypasta Wiki no longer accepts Lost Episode stories since Lost Episode Creepypastas were clichèd: Max and Ruby 0004, Gumball: The Greiving, Rugrats: Chuckie's Mom, Happy Appy, Teletubbies SeeSaw, Angry Sylvester,Ah! Real Monsters: Final Scare, Little bear and the big red book, Goosebumps: Lost Episode, and StickStickly were deleted from the Creepypasta Wiki.
  • Tats made some exculsive footage for the Lost Episode Creepypastas: Max and Ruby 0004, Happy Appy, RapRat, Angry Sylvester, Teletubbies: SeeSaw, Arthur: Death of Grandma, StickStickly, Ed, Edd, n Eddy Lost Episode, and Little bear and the big red book.