Top 30 Annoying Customers In Retail
Top 30 Annoying Customers In Retail
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The Top 30 Annoying Customers In Retail, is a video that was released on the 26th November 2014, it was originally The Top 20 released on November 20th, 2014. in response to upcoming Black Friday and the Xmas Shopping Spree. The video centered around a 3D Animation of annoying customer types that are present in shops today. The list catered for audience members who had experienced these specific customers themselves, in their own jobs. The audience praised the video as a funny, informative and completely unique, style, adding more 3d animation to the table.

The entire video was edited by Tats in Source Filmmaker.

Narrators Edit

The narrators present in this list are as follows:

  • Kenshin
  • Carrot
  • Rev.William
  • ThatCreepyReading

Criticism Edit

Though most of the reviews were positive, several stating the fact that Restroom Shoppers and Browsers served no real purpose in the video, other than nit picking. Tats stated that where he originally worked these types of shoppers were prevalent in either annoying employees with countless questions or else pestering the work flow.

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